Fire Sale Covers

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Fire sale covers and how they work. 
When a book cover concept is created but not used as the final, I alter the design and offer it to other authors for a discounted price. See a concept that would work perfectly for your paperback/ebook cover? Email me at with the number of the cover you're interested in.
Each design is priced at $195.
Fire sale covers are sold on a first come, first served basis. Minor changes to elements such as the color scheme or font are included in the price. Additional fees will be required for any major alterations. Fees are determined by the complexity of the requested changes. I bill through PayPal.
Fire sale book cover packages include:
- Front cover ebook image used for publishing on Amazon and all other major online retailers.
- Print-ready front cover used for book promotion.
- 3D book mock-up images used for online promotion.
Available Designs
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